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Knit Hats with Wooly Wormhead

International hat-knitting icon Woolly Wormhead is known for her unique, innovative hat designs and is followed the world over by avid fans.

This collection of her work includes patterns for 22 of her designs: 12 patterns for women, 5 men’s designs, and 5 hats for kids. The special elements in her designs—such as cables, textures, and colorwork—mixed with the “how'd she do that” types of construction she is famous for, are what set her designs apart and make them extra-fun to knit.

In this book, Woolly also gives plenty of hat-knitting tips, as well as helpful hints on how to choose your most flattering hat style. Grab some gorgeous yarn, choose a favorite hat pattern, and cast on!

Woolly Wormhead is the best-known knit hat designer in the world. She resides in the UK and was the 2018 British Craft Awards Knitting Designer of the Year, and has published many patterns in publications across the globe.

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