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Yarn Cozy

Yarn Huggers help to keep your yarn neat and in order while you are knitting or crocheting. If you pull from the center, these are designed to keep the from collapsing on you which causes the yarn to unravel and tangle. If you pull from the outside, it helps to keep it contained while you are working on your project. These are especially helpful if you have animals, like I do, and find your yarn rolling along the floor. :) They are especially helpful as yarn tends to unravel if you store it while you are not working on it, or if you take it with you somewhere.

It is 4 inches tall. It is made from a cotton/spandex blend. The spandex gives it the ability to return to it's normal size after it has been stretched out to fit over the yarn when you begin and as you knit.

These are designed for 450 yards fingering weight to 200 yards of worsted weight yarn (100-gram skeins.) The photograph was taken with a 450 yard skein of fingering weight yarn.

Yarn Hugger Washable and reusable.

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