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Knitpicks Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are little round items—usually made of plastic or metal—that can be slipped onto a knitting needle to mark a certain place in a row. These are handy little accessories to have in your knitting toolkit and many will work for crochet projects as well.

From marking a place in your row to holding dropped stitches until you can fix them, stitch markers have a number of uses. You can also choose to buy stitch markers or make them yourself.

There two basic types of stitch markers and each can come in a variety of styles (e.g., plain, hearts, cute animals, beaded, etc.).

  • The ring stitch marker: This is a simple ring that can be slipped over the end of your knitting needle. Some of this type are in a tight spiral similar to a keychain so you can securely attach it to a yarn loop. Others are simply enclosed rings.
  • The locking stitch marker: This type is the most versatile for both knit and crochet projects. It has the shape of a safety pin but is shorter and rounder. Just like the pin, one end locks into the top piece to keep it secure. These stitch markers can be slipped over the needle or quickly locked into any loop in your knitting where you need to leave a mark.

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