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Wool Felting Pad 5x6

100% Natural Sheep Wool Needle Felting Pad

No resins, glues, or chemicals are used. Only moisture and heat!

Made from natural, un-dyed sheep wool. Specially felted by machine using heat and moisture for the perfect density for use in precision needle felting. This process results in a consistent, workable surface area, and aids in the prevention of over insertion of the needle into the pad during felting. When softer surfaces are used, the needle carries the fibers deep into the pad, fastening the project to the work surface. The densely felted fibers of this pad helps prevent this.

• Natural wool is the best surface for needle felting.

• Made of pure sheep wool and is 1" thick.

• It is recommended to occasionally lift your project, as some fibers may still be carried into the top surface of the pad.

• The wool is washed before felting, but may still contain vegetable matter.

• This pad is quite firm and is best for precision or detail work.

• Made in USA with wool from South America.

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